HERS Ratings and Energy Code Compliance

We work with builders from start to finish on their homes to ensure top quality on energy efficiency. We perform insulation inspections, blower door and duct tests to ensure your homes meet local code compliance at a minimum. I personally walk through with superintendents after insulation to show them how to improve their results, even if they’re already passing. Our aim is to help builders reach their goals, even if that’s just getting your homes to pass for your Certificate of Occupancy.

Although HERS ratings are not required everywhere for code compliance, it is a great tool for all builders to utilize. It gives your future homeowner a very practical baseline for how their home will perform consuming energy. Not many builders use this as a marketing tool, but it can prove to be very beneficial.

In cities and counties that do not require a HERS rating, we perform the standard code compliance testing for your homes. This includes a Blower door and a duct leakage test.

“Josh came out to our site and was very informed of the H.E.R.S process. We are more educated, prepared and aware to make our homes safe. The service they provided was top notch. I recommend them to anyone. I look forward to using them on future builds.” – Tom Mendez, Arise Homes

Blower Door Test

Duct Blaster Test