Residential Painting Overland Park, Kansas City

Why should you hire us as your painting company? For years, our expert painters have pleased hundreds of customers in the past. With no gimmicks or secret fees, we offer affordable rates and fair pricing. We provide skilled, high-quality painting services and home repair. In no time, our friendly, quick, and successful painters will have your home looking new. We never leave a mess or a job unresolved at all! You can trust us for all things painting Overland Park, Kansas City.

Here at Sozo Property Solutions, when it comes to painting your house, we also take the time to consider just what you want and need. To any painting or restoration work, we carry our skills, experiences, and quality, and we are proud to provide the kind of worry-free satisfaction that you deserve. So call the experts in painting Overland Park, Kansas City now, and let our skilled painting contractors give your home a brand new facelift! 

Interior Painting Overland Park Kansas City

Any room in your office or home should have a color that compliments the use of the room. Some colors provide a warm atmosphere, whereas others provide a welcoming or bold and vivid atmosphere. With just the right coat of color, we will help you express a room’s personality.

SOZO Property Solutions provides interior painting services in your home or workplace that match the style and purpose of each space. Enhancing both you and your visitor’s pleasure with a smooth coat of fresh color. Popcorn ceilings can also be replaced, refreshing dusty old ceilings for a brand new look. If you are searching for top of the line painting facilities in and around Overland Park, Kansas City, contact SOZO Property Solutions today.

Exterior Painting Overland Park Kansas City

If you want a simple way to boost the curb appeal of your home, nothing affects that more than a fresh coat of paint. We acknowledge this here at SOZO Property Solutions. We know just what must be accomplished to finish the job with the highest degree of efficiency. Our professional painting contractors will cover the interior or exterior of your house with a whole new coat of bright color, so your neighbors will do a quick double-take.

Rental and Investor Flips Overland Park, Kansas City

This could be the most exciting move in flipping homes, depending on your abilities and preferences: namely, fixing up the home. Before you can resell the property with a substantial profit margin, the renovations would need to be simple and superficial in certain situations. On many occasions, you will need to reconstruct the property almost from the base up.

Therefore, understanding just what you are getting into before getting underway is crucially essential. It is a necessity to tour the property with an accomplished builder and even a home inspector. In this way, until you or your contractor begins operating on the house, you can escape unwanted complications which might trigger delays and inflate your total expenses.

Our team will stick to the repairs and fixes you originally intended during this process. Don’t be inclined to over fixing the house when you are not the one who will be living there. Note to consider the house as an investment property, rather than your residence, in the process.

Market the house for Sale

It’s time to move on to selling your house as soon as we are finished with the renovations, making sure it is in a nice, livable condition. In this situation, the safest approach for real estate marketing is to sell the property to your real estate network. However keep note, if you are a new real estate investor, you might not have such a network yet.

When we flip a home, the nice thing about marketing is that you can sell your house to both conventional and Airbnb rental property real estate owners and home buyers. As we are so good at flipping houses for a living, we have established partnerships with other real estate developers in the local housing sector. They are always on the hunt for lucrative possibilities and have more capital than homeowners. 

HERS Ratings Overland Park, Kansas City

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the market benchmark by which the energy output of a home is calculated. It’s still the nationally recognized method for energy efficiency inspection and measurement of a building.

The HERS Index is not only used as a guide for renovating for potential home-buyers and renters, but it is also often used as a tool for achieving the energy reduction plans of many homes throughout the state. Homes constructed today in one of the several Kansas City municipalities that adopt the energy code must have a HERS rating. The requirement would currently be a HERS index of 55 or below in stretch energy code cities. For households with green energy systems, passive buildings, and ENERGY STAR accredited households, there are few variations to the HERS 55 table.

Q. How is my home’s HERS rating calculated?

Like the HERS-trained high-performance construction specialists, the HERS rating Overland Park, Kansas City is determined by a home energy rater. We conduct a thorough home inspection and create the HERS ranking using a machine model. The model considers many different facets of your home, including (but not limited to) the insulation, the style of windows, the tightness of the building, the performance of your heating and cooling systems, and the effectiveness of your appliances.

Q. What are any other advantages of HERS scores?

Having a HERS rating Overland Park, Kansas City will help you recognize your new home’s energy efficiency, and where you can make the most beneficial improvements to minimize energy use, making your living room more spacious and more economical for heating and cooling! In comparison, a HERS rating may be a helpful method in measuring the expense of homeownership and the resale value of a home in the process of purchasing and selling a home.

Get more details from one of our professional advisors on having a HERS rating on a new house or renovation on your current home, and designing an energy-efficient strategy on your property.