Residential Painting Belton Missouri

As a painting contractor, our mission is to have the ultimate quality and responsible house painting for our customers. We keep our workers up to date on market shifts, emerging technologies, developments, and our brilliant customer support levels by regular training. Sozo Property Solutions is a painting business that citizens of Missouri will depend on, from our original in-home consultation to our final project walkthrough. At any point, our commitment to detail and proper methods means that our painting jobs can last. We stand behind our written warranties on all our work and can promise that your investment in the paint business can beautify and secure your home for many years to come.

We specialize in painting services for the interior and exterior, offering your house a fresh new look that you will love for many years to come. We work on having the surfaces of your home look fantastic inside and out, all while offering real, friendly, and reasonable rates. Our professional painters not only do a fine job of painting, but they also do so as deliberately and neatly as possible. You would never be left washing up leaks, splatter, or other paint-related issues when you choose us.

If you require a professional painting service in and around Missouri, then you need Sozo Property Solutions! We are proud of the partnerships we have established with our clients over the years, and we realize our most important resource is happy customers. That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that our performance still leaves you satisfied. You may be assured that we can do a nice, competent job at the first time of asking, when you choose Sozo Property Solutions to breathe fresh life into your house!

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Rental and Investor Flips Belton Missouri

Don’t hesitate to make a budget right after you buy an investment home. Before you close the contract, recognize the pricing range for buying a house, doing some renovations, finishing construction work, and paying sales expenses. Create a note of all cosmetic projects and any costly overhauls, such as plumbing or electrical concerns. Although you may not have building experience, you will be advised by our contractor what requires repairing and how much it would run. Surprise fixes will make a flip or ruin it, so make sure your research is finished here.

Get a home inspection and all other relevant checks you can require while you’re under contract. It’s much safer than being shocked down the path to spot issues on the front end.

Invest in Intelligent Renovations

Dreams of glowing hardwood floors, on-trend light fixtures, and fabulous kitchens with professional-grade stoves will easily get out of control with your upgrades. That’s why understanding your budget upfront and then making sure that the upgrades remain on track and actually improve the value of the home is crucial.

Don’t overlook that large upgrades will make or break the flip quickly, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The estimated sum spent on a big kitchen remodel is approximately $68,500, according to the 2020 Expense vs. Value survey. The average value retrieved from that price is just around $40,000 That’s not the sort of ROI that you like to see when a house is flipped.

Do not throw $60,000 into design cabinet installations, high-end finishes, and the ideal kitchen island if you’re renovating a house you expect to sell for $220,000! Instead, suggest a better redesign that emphasizes on refinishing, installing marble counters, and replacing appliances to the original cabinets. When you resell the home, you can pay less and have a far better chance of receiving your expenditures back.

Although you might spend on a flip in a few broad upgrades, don’t neglect the influence of tiny tweaks. It will have a major effect on stuff like a fresh coat of paint, upgraded appliances, and fresh landscaping!

HERS Ratings Belton Missouri

For new building projects and substantial upgrades in some of the cities that have implemented the Stretch Energy Code, HERS ratings are needed. The HERS Index is a number that shows homeowners and home-buyers how much they can plan to pay on heating and cooling expenses and how energy safe a home is.

With HERS ratings Belton, Missouri, you get an index varying from 0 to 150, with a lower score of 100 for the regular new home and a lower score reflecting a more energy-efficient home. If your home has a ranking of 70, for instance, your home is 30 percent more efficient than the typical home constructed today. A home constructed in the 1950s will most definitely earn a ranking of 120 or 130, to provide some context.

How to make your home HERS ready 

Whether or not you want to have a HERS-rated home, you can save electricity around the house with a variety of repairs. 

Windows with an Atmospheric Seal

Most of the main losses are air loss from windows and drywall. Older houses designed prior to the Second World War are more prone to leaks.

Close Any Holes With High-quality Tape Or Silicone Caulk

To hold the heat inside, cover the windows with a shrinking film. Another big energy saver is applying weather stripping on windows and doors. You do not have to cover the whole expense yourself, since certain states provide household weatherization aid services within a minimum revenue level for households.

Add insulation (or patch it)

Insulation stops heat from passing across walls, and floors, which during the winter traps warm air inside and holds it out during the season. In attics and basements, this is extremely relevant, the areas that are most likely to have holes allowing piping and wires into the house.

Thermostat tweak

Lowering the thermostat temperature by 10 degrees will save as much as 10 percent of the cost of heating and cooling. It makes a difference of even a five-degree fall. An adjustable thermostat, which sets the temperature for you, is your best option.

Upgrade facilities for heating and cooling

A lot of cash will be avoided by maintaining the heating, cooling, and air conditioning devices (known as HVAC systems) in decent working order. Get an annual furnace and air conditioning tune-up, and update if needed.