Residential Painting Lee's Summit Missouri

Sozo Property Solutions is the leading painting company in Missouri that serves all of the surrounding communities. Our professional Painting Lee’s Summit, Missouri experts specialize in offering top-notch residential and commercial paint services, including interior painting, exterior painting, house painting, office painting, deck staining, removal of wallpaper, and new building painting. As an EPA-certified painting firm, we have an environmentally sustainable painting that is cleaner for your families and also decreases the environmental effect, both without losing efficiency and coverage.

You have come to the right place because you want professional painting facilities and timely completion of tasks! For your protection and peace of mind, our team of skilled painting contractors is professionally certified and protected. Plus, all our work is insured and unless you are 100 percent happy, we won’t declare the job done!

Experts in Painting Lee’s Summit, Missouri

To have all your needs met, you don’t need to go much farther than us. We have the skills and knowledge to get the job done correctly, as the best paint company in the region. In Missouri, you won’t be able to find a painting contractor who will come “close” to perform the work we do.  Few can be more compassionate and respectful of your thoughts as we are. We will do our best in trying to help you achieve the results that you have been looking for. To witness the differentiation we can provide, call us today.

We will provide you with a complete variety of services, such as indoor, outside, interior, and exterior residential painting, to name only a handful, as a specialist residential painting Lee’s Summit, Missouri contractor. Our team will guarantee that the possessions of your home are secured and that your family is secure when we complete your project in your home. Let us do the job; there’s no need to do it yourself!

Rental and Investor Flips Lee's Summit Missouri

Taking Out a Deposit vs. Paying Cash

The best way to make a house flip is with cash. This way, during the period required to restore and sell the house, you would not pay interest payments. But not everybody has the money to flip houses. Many home flippers need lenders for help. When it comes to paying the expense of restoring and selling a house, there are also a few funding solutions.

You could be able to afford it with HELOC (home equity line of credit) to fund your home flip. One of the best ways to secure funding for your potential project with us, is with HELOCs. You can typically secure this loan reasonably easily if you have enough money in your home and a decent credit score. Often, a regular home equity loan is a safe option. You would want to sell the home as soon as possible and repay the debt almost instantly, no matter what form of debt you took out.

You may be pointed to a successful lender by a competent realtor. After taking into account the costs of your loan, the money needed for repairs, and the cost of the home purchase, a Partner Agent can also help you determine the potential rate of return for a property.

It’s strongly recommended that you partner with an established realtor if you are new to house flipping. Agents will help you decide what the risk factors in a given neighborhood could be for flipping a house.

Brokers can sell your house for a fraction of the usual commission cost once our team has cleaned up your home and you are ready to sell. They are full service, so you’re not sacrificing any of the advantages of having an agent for a seller.

HERS Ratings Lee's Summit Missouri

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Ratings is the market benchmark by which the energy output of a home is calculated. It’s still the nationally recognized method for energy efficiency inspection and measurement of a building. The H.E.R.S Ratings tests the energy quality of a household and there are several excellent benefits for your house to get a home energy rating carried out.

It will teach you so much about the home in which you work, like how well it works and where you can make improvements to conserve more electricity. A low H.E.R.S Rating Score will give you a greater resale price while you’re selling your house. And when you’re buying a home you can anticipate the costs of energy bills and efficiency upgrades.

How Does The H.E.R.S Rating Function?

The energy quality of a household is measured by a qualified RESNET Home Energy Rater, awarding it a relative output score (the H.E.R.S Index Number). The smaller the number, the more the home is energy efficient. The U.S. Energy Department has determined that on the H.E.R.S Rating, a typical resale home scores 130, while a home built under the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code is awarded a rating of 100.

A home with a H.E.R.S Index Value of 70 is 30% more energy effective than the Reference Home of RESNET. Thirty percent less energy production is a house with a H.E.R.S Index Score of 130 than the RESNET Comparison House.

A licensed HERS Ratings Lee’s Summit, Missouri inspector conducts an energy rating on your property to determine a home’s H.E.R.S Index Score and applies the data to a ‘reference home’-a model home with the same size and shape as the actual home, so your score is still proportional to the size, shape, and style with a house in which you reside.

Why H.E.R.S Homes Are Ranked Higher

There are plenty of good explanations as to why energy-efficient homes ranked by H.E.R.S are better! A couple of them are:

  1. Longer Life Quality

H.E.R.S rating homes are more energy effective than normal homes with poor H.E.R.S index ratings. This translates into improved convenience in the house, reduced prices of utilities, and a more green-conscious house.

  1. Reduced running costs

When browsing about, several homebuyers forget to look at how much a home would cost to maintain. The reality, though, is that owning a house implies more than only making contributions for the monthly mortgage. In deciding a home’s affordability, electricity costs play an essential part.

  1. Enable Energy Efficiency Based Comparative Buying

While, thanks to Energy Guide labels and MPG stickers, customers can shop quickly for cars and appliances based on their quality, this is still not the case for many homes in the United States. H.E.R.S rated homes, though, have H.E.R.S Index ratings, which tell homebuyers how energy-efficient these homes are at a glance. And that ensures, when finding a house, they will make better choices.